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Our private members only Club is a great arts and crafts and chalk painting, community for creative business owners who want to retail high quality, affordable chalk paint and products, (we offer up to 40% discount to our retailers) and also a fantastic place for hobby furniture painters, artists and creative crafters too.

So whether you would like to be a stockist/retailer of the amazing Fairy Chic Chalk paint and products, or you want to learn new painting and craft techniques, come together with like minded creative people, share, inspire, learn and make new friends, (and buy your paint and products with brilliant discounts) we have it all.

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Blue Bell Woods 

Perfect if you are hobby crafter & furniture painter looking for new friends

Fairy Land

Perfect if you would also like a little more discount on paint and courses  

Magical Palace

Perfect if you run a small business and/or want to access 40% discounts 

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Perfect way to save more and enjoy more

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Feel free to click the book above and download your brand new Fairy Chic Club brochure/colour chart and product price lists

If you have any further questions, please do come on over and message us on our Fairy Chic Facebook Page – we will do our best to get back to you ASAP